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Detours Tecco Panniers

I'm always looking for ways to avoid using my car, so having a set of versatile Tecco Panniers by Detours makes my bike a lot more functional.

Each bag is 17" tall x 11" wide x 6" deep, about the size of a large tote bag or a medium-sized backpack. I can pack a complete change of clothes (including shoes) in one, and still have plenty of room for my cosmetics bag, a towel, my yoga mat, and a few other items. There's a small key chain inside the bag so I can keep my keys in reach and a flat, zippered pocket that's just the right size for my cell phone. With my gear so portable, I can ride my bike to the gym and then over to my boyfriend's house for dinner afterward. Just in time for dinner.

Of course, I wouldn't show up empty-handed. I use the other pannier for food, lots of food. The bag holds at least as much as a regular paper grocery bag does, with an added benefit. I can feel virtuous for bringing my own bag to the store!

The Tecco pannier is easy to use: I just snap it onto my bike rack and go. The bag has padded backpack straps and a hip strap (which I can remove and hide in a flat, zippered sleeve when not in use), as well as nylon carrying handles. Once I park my bike, I can wear one bag on my back and carry the other in my hand.

I'd never used panniers before testing the Tecco bags, and I've really enjoying having them. I like the tough, rubbery material that surrounds the bottom of the bag. It gives the bag a flat base so it stands on its own while I'm stuffing it. The drawstring mesh top makes packing and unpacking quick, too.

At about two pounds, the Tecco pannier doesn't add much weight to my bike. Detours keeps the weight off by using mesh panels on the sides of the bag. The front of the bag (or at least the part of the bag that faces my wheel when it's hooked onto my bike rack) is padded, as well as rigid enough to help the bag holds its shape and stay in place while I'm in motion. The opposite side of the bag (the panel underneath the backpack straps) is also padded.

Available in black, red, blue, light green, and a brown flower pattern. Detours also makes the Tecco Two pannier, which is bigger and has a full nylon exterior (no mesh).

Bottom Line: A great pannier for running errands and daily commuting in dry conditions.--E.D. (August 2011)

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