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Dakota Tough Compass Clip : Get Where You Need to Be

Ever since I tossed my digital watch and bought a fancy new timepiece a few years ago, I've been late to everything.

See, I relied on the alarm clock in my jock watch to get me from A to B. When I was hiking, it let me know when it was time to get back to the trail head. When I was wandering around town, its gentle chime let me know when to rush back to my car to feed the meter. I also used the chronograph to time my swimming workouts.

Now, I can get all of these essential features AND keep wearing my favorite watch (or go without) because I have a Dakota Tough Compass Clip. I just clip it to a belt loop or my day pack, and I have everything I need to get home again. The digital compass is simple to use, has a large easy-to-read display, and I can even calibrate it and change the declination settings.

My favorite feature is the alarm clock, of course, which I use every day (the aluminum carabiner folds behind the watch to form a stand for nighttime use). If I sleep through the alarm, it sounds again in a few minutes. Automatic snooze bar -- nice.

If I really want to schedule my day, I can set my Compass Clip to chime every hour and set four separate alarms for diffrent times of the day.

The Compass Clip is water resistant to 165 feet and is covered in a plastic case for protection. I wear mine clipped to the pack I use every day, and never think about it until an alarm sounds, reminding me to get home or to my next errand. That's the watch for me.

As an extra treat, the Tough Compass Clip comes packaged in a hard-shell water-resistant case the size of a small tackle box.

Bottom Line: Ideal for active people who don't want to wear a watch, but still want a timer, chronograph, alarm, and more. This watch even has dual time zone settings, so you can always keep track of home time when you're traveling.--E. D. (April 07)

Price: $69.95

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