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Creative GigaWorks T40 Speakers : For Grown-Ups

I've tested my share of iPod and laptop speakers -- the cute, the portable, the tiny, the fancy, and the ordinary. They all have their place and purpose in their respective price ranges.

With Creative's GigaWorks T40 speakers, I've graduated to a system that makes me feel like a grown-up. I like the clean, simple design and the super easy set up. I had them out of the box, powered, and plugged into my iPod in about five minutes.

The sound is awesome. Smooth, bold, deep, crisp - all of my favorite songs sound just like they should. I can turn up my iPod to 11, and my T40's stay steady - never tinny or reedy. In fact, the sound quality is better than I got with my old stereo speakers (which are now, along with my stereo, packed away in my laundry closet). The T40's are perfect for my small condo; they sound good up close and when I'm in another room.

Creative is known for its well-designed, high-quality audio systems. I don't really think of the T40s as desktop speakers but as stereo speakers that just happen to be smaller than usual.

They're certainly more versatile than my old speakers. I can use them with my computer, with my iPod, and even with my TV (they come with a dual RCA-to-stereo adapter). I can also plug in my headphones if I want or need to keep my sounds to myself.

At more than a foot tall, the GigaWorks speakers are larger than my other desktop speakers, but are still quite portable and fit just fine in the small spaces on either side of my TV.

Bottom Line: Ditch the stereo; these speakers and an iPod are all you need. And you can take them with you. --E.D. (July 08)

Price: $149 ($120 amazon-purchase now)

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