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Columbia Powerdrain Shoe

I own a boat cleaning company so my feet get wet a lot. In the cooler months, I wear rubber boots, but in the warmer months, I wear my Powerdrain shoes by Columbia.

These lightweight shoes keep my feet comfortable for hours and even full days. The light weight is key because once a shoe gets wet it gets heavier. However, the Powerdrain's mesh material does such a great job of breathing and the drain ports are so effective at draining water that the shoes don't feel heavier as the day goes on.

Better still, my feet don't feel clammy or soaking wet. I've worn too many water sports shoes that are miserable to wear once wet because my feet slide around inside the slippery shoe. This doesn't happen with the Powerdrain shoes. They have a stretchy shoelace that uses a bungy cord fastener at the top. I can tighten them quickly (even if my hands are wet or I'm wearing water sports gloves), and they really hold my foot in place.

The Powerdrain shoes also provide excellent traction, and have non-marking soles (essential for boaters).

The Columbia Powerdrain shoes are available in men's and women's sizes. The women's shoes come in four different color mixes (lilac and lime green, pink and gray, gray and white, and blue and gray). I found them to fit true to size.

Bottom Line: I love these shoes. They fit well, they perform well, and they're great off the boat, too..–N.S. (May 2012)

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