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Columbia Ice Ax Soft Shell : Stretchy, Tough, and Weather-Resistant

Cross-country travel in the Cascades can be a pleasant stroll under the canopy of old growth forests or a serene rest stop at a warm grassy ridge.   My most recent fishing trip to some off-trail lakes was neither of these.   I spent a good part of the weekend pawing my way through wet brush and across wind swept ridges.   Fortunately, I brought my Columbia Ice Ax Softshell Jacket.

I hadn't taken a dozen steps into the brush when I realized that I was going to need to suit up if I wanted to go much further without getting soaked (and facing potential hypothermia) by the lingering dew.   I dawned my Ice Ax Softshell , and charged ahead into the hillside thicket.  

Right away I knew my Ice Softshell was going to be a great addition to my cold weather arsenal.   Water from the leaves beaded and ran right off the shell.   It slid right through even the densest brush (my buddy got a couple damaging snags in his jacket) without tearing.   The large inside mesh pocket was perfect for keeping my map, compass, and altimeter safe and accessible for frequent reference. The chest pocket did the same for my camera. The drawstrings and cuff liners kept the wind from creeping in around my waist, neck and wrists. Bonus -- the jacket didn't ride up even on big overhead reaches.  

Available in green, grey, red, brown, and black; sizes S-XXL.

Columbia Sportswear offers a wide variety of jackets and for men, women and children.

Bottom LIne: My Ice Ax Softshell took quite a beating without sustaining any real damage. Also, it kept me dry and warm through some pretty ugly conditions. I look forward to wearing this jacket on many more adventures.--A.S. (Nov '08)

Price: $175

The Sports Authority

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