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Columbia Sportswear Women's Anytime Top

As a gal who generally prefers the feel of cotton or silk against my skin, I could have been completely fooled by Columbia Sportswear’s Anytime Short Sleeve top.

This attractive, lightweight top, made out of a synthetic moisture-wicking fabric (Columbia’s Omni-Wick Advanced Evaporation fabric), truly feels like silk. Even better, it does a superior job of wicking moisture from my skin than silk, keeping me dry on warm days when I’m out working up a good sweat.

Although the Anytime Short Sleeve top isn't a bicycling-specific top, I’ve worn it cycling because its long cut doesn’t ride up my back when I’m hunched forward on my road bike. On a recent ride in the arid, eastern side of Washington state, I was totally pleased with this top while riding on a very hot, sunny day.  Besides wicking away my sweat (and trust me, the 90 degree temps had me sweating), the built-in sun protection in the fabric kept my fair-skinned shoulders and back from burning.

I’ve also worn the Anytime Short Sleeve top on several hikes in the Cascade Mountains with considerable elevation gains. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how this top doesn’t retain sweaty odors after several hours of hard exercise. (This is also a bonus for my hiking buddies.)

In addition to its excellent performance out on the trail or on the road, I find the trim but not-too-tight cut of this top and its decorative stitching to be flattering.  I’ve worn it around town with capri pants on warm afternoons.

The Anytime Short-Sleeve top is a dream to wash.  I just toss it in the gentle cycle, dry it for a few minutes on a low heat setting, let it finish drying on a wooden rack, then it’s just like new.

Available in sizes XS-XL in Oxide Blue, Burnt Henna, Bolt, Black, White, and Bluegill. Columbia also makes an Anytime Tank and an Anytime Long-Sleeve Top.

Fit tip: I think the sizes run a tad on the small side—although the top is cut long through the torso.

Bottom Line: Soft as silk, but designed for performance. Ideal for a variety of active pursuits.—J.I. (Aug ‘11)

BUY ONLINE : $34.95, click to shop at Altrec.

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