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Coleman Stainless Steal Cooler : Built To Last

When dining al fresco, whether I'm at a camp site or on a picnic by the beach, I need a cooler that keeps my baba ganoush cold, my raspberry balsamic dressing fresh, and my baby carrots crispy.

I'm happy to report that my 54 quart Coleman Stainless Steel Cooler does all of the above, and then some. For an overnight trip, I used two bags of ice and two small Coleman Chillers (that I'd previously frozen in my freezer) to keep my feast (and my collection of dressings, sauces, and dessert items) from melting in the hot sun. Still, the cooler was only a bit less than half full.

After five hours, the ice had not melted much at all. After 17.5 hours, I was surprised to find that there was still plenty of ice preserving my food. Finally, after 24 hours, I could have added more ice to the icy water (since I was going home), but the food was still plenty cold, as was the outside of the cooler. In fact, it was still cold the next day (ok, I'm lazy and didn't clean it out when I got home.)

This cooler is so well insulated that I can keep my food up to three days by switching to block ice. The melt-off is no trouble either; when it's time to empty the cooler for cleaning, there's a handy leak-proof drain. I also like the easy-open latch. It's simple to open and close, and although it feels loose, it securely seals the lid to the cooler.

Of course, what I like best about Coleman's Stainless Steel cooler is the stainless steel itself. It's hands-down the most attractive cooler at the park. It reminds me of old-fashioned coolers (made by Coleman) from my childhood when products were built to last. I plan on having this durable cooler until I die.

I'm going camping in a few weeks, and I can't wait to impress my friend with all the fancy food I'll be bringing: smoked salmon, organic mixed greens and heirloom tomatoes with greek dressing, strawberries and chocolate spread, hazelnut tarts, and organic vanilla soy milk (for our chai lattes).

Bottom Line: For fancy feasts or chilling beverages (it holds 64 cans), my new Coleman cooler has made me the life of the party.--E.D. (Sept. '05)

Price: $109.95 at (click on logo below)

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