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Coleman Road Trip Grill LXE : A Moveable Feast

I love grilling out in the summer (or any time of year), but not if I have to wait for coals or spend time cleaning the public grills provided at parks and campsites. With my Coleman Road Trip Grill LXE, cooking is simple, cleaning up just takes a minute, and best of all, I can take my grill with me wherever I go!

This grill's a beauty, with a fire engine red body, removable cast iron cooking grills, slide-out "counters" on each side of the grill, and plenty of hooks for hanging my cooking utensils. I was able to assemble my Road Trip grill right of out the box in less than ten minutes. All I had to do was add the wheels and towing handle (yes, I can pull my grill wherever I want to go, as if it's just another one of my wheeled suitcases), attach the propane bottle and its regulator, and lift the grill into it's extended position. So easy.

The Road Trip grill has two burners (and two removeable grill plates), with 285 square inches of cooking room for: 16 burgers, or 48 hot dogs, or a two-foot long salmon fillet, or a couple dozen veggie kabobs. I love the grill plates, which have raised ridges to give my food grill marks, plus narrow spaces in between ridges to prevent my food from falling through. I also like that each grill plate has a solid center (with ridges) that prevents grease from spattering into the burners. Coleman also sells a variety of optional attachments and accessories for the Road Trip, such as a griddle panel which is ideal for people who want to leave their pots and pans at home but still have pancakes and eggs for breakfast.

With so many cooking options, it's easy for me to keep all of my campers happy. I can grill veggies on one side of the grill while I boil pasta on the other burner (using my Coleman stainless stell mess kit). And I can keep the veggies totally separate from the meat for my vegan friends. Another bonus--with adjustable cooking controls, I can regulate the temperature as needed. A 16.4 oz Coleman propane bottle will last just over an hour using high heat (on both burners) and up to 4.5 hours using low heat on one burner.

Bottom Line: I love the Road Trip Grill LXE. It's easy to use, easy to transport, and it's easily the cutest grill on the campgrounds (but also perfectly cool enough for men who don't like the ideal of a cute grill). It's like my own littlte portable stove. It's also economical. You can find Coleman's 16.4 oz propane bottles at camping goods stores, drugstores, and even grocery stores. At a little over $3/bottle, it's cheaper and easier than lugging around heavy bags of coals. And you never need a match!

Price: $188 ($169.95 at, click on REI logo below)

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5) Mount Elbrus (Europe)-18,481ft/5633m

6) Puncak Jaya (Australia/Oceania)-16,502ft/5030m

7) Vinson Massif (Antarctica)-16,066/4897m

Source: Peakware World Mountain Encyclopedia