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All Terrain Skin Care Products : All Natural

All Terrain is my kind of company: they are environmentally conscious, they use all natural ingredients, their packaging is made of recycled materials that is recyclable or biodegradable, and they strive to increase awareness of environmental issues for the benefit of future generations. On top of that, I love their products!

Recently I've had the pleasure of using several of their prod cuts:

I've been enjoying the Recovery Rub, a natural herbal rub with arnica and kava kava, to sooth minor aches and pains from tweaked muscles and tendonitis.   This rub smells fresh and slightly minty, and after I rub it on my sore knee or inflamed Achilles tendon, my skin tingles with a soothing chill.

After some hikes recently that lead me up and down rough, rocky trails in the Cascade Mountains, I've been treating my feet to the Therapeutic Foot Rub. After a particularly brutal hike on Mt. Si last weekend, I had my boots off the minute I got to my car and gave my feet some smooth and refreshing lovin'. The rosemary and lavedner juvenated both my feet and my head. Hmm.

I've been using the TerraSport SPF 30+ to protect my face from too much sun at altitude. On a beautiful Indian summer day earlier this week, I slathered on this non-greasy, nice-smelling lotion for a hike up above Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood. Of course my face stayed soft and pale (well, better than a burn), despite my sweaty (glowing) skin.

Just in case I stray into some poison ivy or oak, or get a rash, I also pack the Skin Relief Bar . This natural, hard-milled soap is specially formulated with oats and tea tree oil to naturally cleanse and ease irritated and itchy skin. I especially love the little closable (and recyclable) brown bag that comes with this soap, so I can take it anywhere.

All Terrain items are sold individually and as packaged kits. Sold at drugstore.com (see link below) and at Amazon.com.

Bottom Line: Not only are these quality products, but you can feel good knowing you are supporting such a "green" company.--J.I. (Oct '07)

Price: $9.99 (Recovery Rub), 9.99 (TerraSport SPF 30), 24.99 (Outdoor Kit).

BUY ONLINE : drugstore.com, inc., All Terrain.Shop our eco-conscious collection of shoes, bags, and apparel at OnlineShoes.com.

Manufacturer's Site: www.allterrainco.com

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