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Chrome Pacer Jacket : Too Cool for School

You know how your mother (or spouse, or sibling, ...) tends to give you presents that she'd like to receive?

Why do people do that? Because we're all selfish and self-centered? Because we wait until the last minute to shop for the holidays? Who cares. This winter, be as selfish as you want and give someone the gift you'd love to have: a Chrome Pacer Jacket. (They'll love you for it.) Then get one for yourself.

If you have any street cred at all, you already know that Chrome makes bad-ass messenger bags for the roughest, toughest bike couriers. They also have a small apparel line, which includes the sleek Pacer Jacket.

Cut long and lean, with a hip Nehru collar, this mid weight New Zealand merino wool jacket is an essential fall and winter item for cyclists (and anyone else who plays in the cold). I like the minimalist design, with hidden side zips that open into large mesh back pockets. The red Chrome icon on the front of the jacket makes me feel like I'm part of a special bad-ass club (and well dressed).

Functionally, it's one of my most useful jackets. On cool days, I wear it over a t-shirt or ultra-thin baselayer; when the breeze kicks up, I add a windbreaker or rain shell. If you've never worn merino wool before you might not know that it's soft and smooth, and does an amazing job of regulating body temperature. It breathes, it wicks, and it's naturally odor-resistant. (It's also machine washable -- but you'll only need to wash it if it gets covered in mud.)

The Pacer is only available in men's sizes, which works for me because I'm almost 6' tall (and a size S fits well). It's nice to have the extra length so there's no gap between the bottom of my jacket and the top of my pants!

Ladies, give them a call and demand a women's version of the cool coat.

Bottom Line: This is the kind of jacket that makes your friends jealous, takes care of you in every weather situation, and looks fab with jeans or cycling gear. I know I'll still be wearing mine in 10 years....probably 20.--E.D. (Nov '07)

Price: $155

BUY ONLINE : www.chromebags.com

Manufacturer's Site: www.chromebags.com

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