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Carhartt Twill Work Short

Winter has its beauty but that doesn’t stop me from looking forward to that first day in the spring when the weather compels me to wear shorts. I’d had my Carhartt Twill Work Short sitting on my dresser pre-washed for a couple weeks, waiting for that day, and finally it came.

Rather than stay home and do chores on that first nice day, I opted to head out for a bike ride with the family. My Carhartt Twill Work Short is not a “bike short” per say but this was a leisurely ride more focused on fun than maximum wattage, so their every day appeal made them perfect for this type of activity. Thanks to the casual fit and medium-weight fabric, the Carhartt Twill Work Short is quite versatile. I’ve worn them to cookouts, while doing yard work, and for an impromptu game of Frisbee golf.

I’ve also worn my Carhartt Twill Work Short canoeing one fine afternoon. Even when I’m sitting they come to just above my knee. The extra length helps to keep the sun off my legs, which is especially important on the water when UV is coming from all directions.

The generous pockets (standard two front & two back configuration) are deep enough to hold my keys, wallet, and a few other things without anything falling out while pedaling. I haven’t had the Carhartt Twill Work Short for very long but my impression that Carhartt’s reputation for making durable and affordable goods holds true with this comfortable, rugged short.

Another thing I appreciate about my Carhartt Twill Work Short is that it’s available in several in-between sizes. I often have to choose between a size up or down, but not anymore.  Getting the right size is a good thing.  

Sizes: from 28 to 50 inch waist
Colors: Khaki, Navy, and Black  

Bottom LIne: These are wonderful everyday type shorts perfect for any activity that doesn’t require special clothing.—A.S. (May 2012)

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