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Carhartt Twill Double-Knee Work Pant

The line between work and play can sometimes be a gray area. To relegate my Carhartt Twill Double-Knee Work Pant to only “work” would be a pity. I’ve been wearing them for all sorts of activities on the work-play spectrum, and they seem just about right for any outing that doesn’t require “performance” or “formal” wear.

Straight off the shelf my Carhartt Twill Double-Knee Work Pant was starch stiff and pressed flat. I had to put it through the wash to soften it up before I could wear it, but that’s fine because I like my new clothes to look, feel, and smell new. (I'm also old enough to remember the washes required to break in new blue jeans back in the days before pre-softened denim.) After a few wear/wash cycles the pant softened up a bit and felt great. It looked good, too, because the wrinkle- and stain-resistant fabric lets me wear the Carhartt Twill Double-Knee Work Pant for a few days in a row without showing wear. 

From the get-go the fabric impressed me with its industrial strength. This pant is constructed with durability in mind. I especially liked the double layered knees since the knee is often where I wear-out my pants first (a habit I haven’t outgrown in 30+ years). Even though I haven’t had my Twill Double-Knee Work Pant very long it seems that it will last a long time.  (My editor, who has a 20-year old Carhartt jacket, assures me it will!)

The side leg pocket (in addition to the standard 2-front + 2-back pockets) is just the right size and location for stashing a wrench, screwdriver, or hand pruners when I’m working in the garage or yard. A cell phone or similar could also fit. The standard pockets are all deep enough so keys and change don’t fall out. All said, the Twill Double-Knee Work Pant is hard working and also great for everyday wear.
Sizes: from 28 to 54 inch waist in various lengths (relaxed fit)
Colors: Khaki, Navy, Dark Grey, Black
Fabric: 65% polyester/35% cotton twill

Bottom Line: In a world where everything seems to be increasingly specialized, it’s refreshing to come across an item that’s made for the rigors of day-to-day activities. --A.S. (April 2012)

BUY ONLINE: $36-39, on sale for less at Altrec.


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