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BuiltNY Neoprene Sleeve for Laptops, Netbooks, eReaders, and iPads

Because I have several different laptop bags and packs, I also have several different sleeves and cases. My neoprene BuiltNY Neoprene Sleeve is sleek, stylish, and simple to use.

The BuiltNY Neoprene Sleeve is ideal for times I use a slim pack or when I carry a pack/bag/tote that has a built-in laptop enclosure that's just a bit too big for my computer. In the first case, the sleeve keeps my laptop safe from crumbs and debris in my bag; in the second case, the sleeve makes my laptop more secure in a pack - which means no moving around.

I like this stretchy sleeve because it fits my laptop like a glove, it provides essential padding, and It has an ultra-soft, fleece-y lining. The BuiltNY Neoprene Sleeve also has a ridge of padding under each side of the zipper so when I zip it shut, the zipper doesn't rest against my computer. Nice.

The BuiltNY Neoprene Sleeve comes in several colors that both men and women will like, and it's available in several sizes to fit PC laptops, MacBooks and MacBook Pro computers, ereaders, netbooks, and the iPad. I tested the BuiltNY Neoprene Sleeve 13 for Mac, and loved the fit. This style comes in several colors and patterns, including orange, black/grey, and red/orange/brown print. There's also a reversible model. Price for this model is $39.99. (Prices vary depending on size and style of sleeve.)

Bottom Line: I like the softness and style of this sleeve. It's nice to find protection without all the boxiness and bulk.-E.D. (September 2011)

BUY ONLINE: $39.99, click to shop for BuiltNY sleeeves.


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