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Buff - The Original Seamless Multi-Functional Head Wear : Fun to Wear, Everywhere

I've always been a big fan of bandanas, neck gaiters, and beanies. Now I have all three in one simple (and totally versatile) product, the Buff.

Depending on how you roll it, twist it, or fold it, the Buff tube can be a headband, a cap, a neckerchief, a face mask, a balaclava, and much more...

I always carry a Buff tube with me when I'm on vacation and even just around town. The super lightweight seamless tube takes up no space at all in my jacket pocket and has come in handy on so many occasions. When I'm out window shopping or power walking on cool days, I wear it like a bandana to cover my ears. On rainy days, I turn it into a cap. And on cold windy days, I use it to cover my head and neck. Unlike a bandana that gets heavy with rain or sweat, the Buff tube is made out of a microfiber that's designed to wick away moisture. So I get head (and/or neck) protection that's breathable, drys fast, and provides insulation. It's surprisingly warm on cool days, yet doesn't feel too hot on warmer days.

Buff head wear comes in a variety of colors and patterned prints, so it's easy to find one, or two, or three that will match your style. I have a black one for urban wear (which I like wearing more than a wool or cotton cap because it's breathable), and a bright blue print for trail wear.

Bottom Line: I love my Buff tubes. They are some of the handiest products I own-- so many uses and so easy to pack into a pocket or small bag. Available in unisex and children's sizes.-- E.D. (June '05)

Price: $18.50

Manufacturer's Site: www.buffusa.com



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