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Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones : The Best Present You Could Ever Give Yourself

The Jayhawks never sounded so sweet. Billie Holliday never sounded so soulful. The day I plugged Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones into my iPod, my life changed. I tossed out those silly ear buds, and became not just a listener but an aficionado. Wow. The differences is amazing.

The Bose QuiteComfort2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones are often marketed in fancy magazines for their noise cancelling properties. Apparently the fact that they're "the" headphones to wear if you fly a lot and like to block out the ambient noise is a big enough selling point for the fancy people who read those fancy magazines. But if I'm going to spend as much on headphones as I did on my iPod, they need to make my music come alive. Boy, do they.

My Bose headphones are better than my stereo speakers and infinitely more comfortable than my ear buds and the other cheap headsets that came with my portable cassette players (remember those?). My music sounds richer, deeper, clearer, better in every way.

Another bonus: these headphones are ergonomically designed to fit perfectly. They're well-cushioned and fully cover my ears. The top of the headset, the part that rests on the top of my head, is also well-cushioned. I can wear these for hours and hours, and my ears and head never get sore.

Now I'm always very particular about how I transport my expensive toys, so I was very happy to discover that my Bose headphones came in a hard-shell case (it even has attachment loops if you want to add a shoulder strap). I just pop it into my computer bag, and I'm good to go.

The headset folds easily into a cradle that protects the earpieces. There's also a small zippered mesh pocket for batteries and attachments (including an extension cord, a very thoughtful accessory that I put to use immediately). The headphones come with several attachment adapters, and run an a single AAA battery (for about 35 hours of playing time). I love that the headphones have an off/on switch, and a low battery indicator.

Bottom Line: I don't know what I ever did without my Bose headphones. I'm enjoying rehearing all of my music.--E.D. (Jan 06)

Price: $299 (if purchased before 1/31/06, you get a free CD player; click on Magellan link below)

Manufacturer's Site: www.bose.com

BUY ONLINE : Magellan's - Business Travelers Gear



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