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Blundstone Stout Brown Leather Shoe : Slipper-tastic and Shoe-riffic

Generally speaking I appreciate it when things are easily defined, but lately, I've been feeling quite comfortable in the grey area. My Blundstone Stout Brown Leather Shoes defy categorization. Are they shoes? Are they slippers? Who cares, as long as I get to wear them every day!

Like slippers, the Blundstone Stout Brown Leather Shoes are comfy and easy. Like shoes, they have a leather upper and a real sole. When I first started wearing these fun casual shoes I felt like I was getting away with something--sort of like wearing flip flops to a wedding that’s not on the beach, and somehow, nobody calls me on it.

Like just about anything made of leather, there was a break-in period for my Blundstone Stout Brown Leather shoes. It only lasted a few days, though. After that the leather softened up  and started molding to my feet. The Blundstone's slipper-tastic-ness was in full swing.

I probably wouldn't wear my Blundstone Stout Brown Leather Shoe for a hike in the woods or to an event that required shiny shoes and a tie, but for pretty much anything in between, they're fabulous. I like the slip-on style, they look great with jeans, and they work well with shorts, too.

Available in sizes from women’s 6 to Men’s 13. (Note: Blundstone uses Australian shoe sizes. For reference, a men’s US 12 is an 11 in Australian sizing.) This shoe also available in suede (style 261). Blundstone makes a variety of shoes and boots for men, women, and children.

Bottom Line: An awesome daily-wear shoe suitable for work, socializing, travel, errands, or any number of things. Plus, they slip on and off easily.--A.S. (Mary 2012)

BUY ONLINE: $130, free shipping at Amazon.


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