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Belkin Voice Recorder for iPod : Note to Self

I used to carry around too many audio, video, and music devices, but with Belkin's iPod accessories, I can use my iPod for even more tasks and leave my old micro cassette recorder at home. Who wants to bother with those irritating little cassettes when all you have to do it plug in Belkin's Voice Recorder to the top of your iPod, and talk, talk, talk?

When I'm done, I can save, store, and play back the voice document on my iPod or download it to my computer. It's a handy way to take notes when traveling or working, or to record audio for use with a digital video camera. I often use it to record my interview subjects when I'm working on an article or book.

When I play back the voice dictations through my iPod, via Bose speakers, the sound quality is great.

Bottom Line: I'm all for any accessory that makes my iPod more functional. This tiny addition only takes up half the space of two AA batteries. -- E.D. ('05)

Price: $30-34.99

Manufacturer's Site:

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