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Belkin Leather Folio for iPod Touch : Slim Scratch Protection

My iPod Touch 2G gets a lot of use, so Belkin's Leather Folio case is exactly what I need.

It looks like a stylish mini-wallet and protects my iPod every time I slip into my pocket or purse. Inside the protective cover there's a decorative crosshatch pattern. The softness allows for full protection from damage that might be caused by my iPod moving around with all the other stuff that it's forced to ride around with in my purse.

Even with the cover, it's easy to navigate the entire screen surface and access all of the touch icons and buttons with little interference from the cover. All of the ports and the dock connector are also easily accessible. The cover is held securely closed by a Velcro closure. The leather and stitching are of good quality and I haven't noticed any scuffs or signs of wear yet. All good in my book.

Size: 0.8 oz., for 2nd Gen iPod Touch.

Colors available: Black and Pink

Fabric: Leather outside and soft micro fiber lining

Bottom Line: I travel a lot, so I appreciate having a sophisticated iPod case that doesn't advertise what's inside.--C.W. (Nov 09)

BUY ONLINE: $29, Click here to shop/purchase.

Manufacturer's Site :

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