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Belkin ClearScreen Overlays : Keep Your Sticky Hands off My iPod!

I'm not normally a type A personality, and I have serious shortcomings in the organization and housekeeping departments. The mess it in my kitchen would shock you. But when it comes to my iPods, I have the all the time in the world to give them what they need.

Nothing depresses me more than seeing beat up iPods with scratches and stickers on them. I like to keep my gear pristine, clean, and free of marks and fingerprints. So Belkin's ClearScreen Overlays are just the ticket for me.

The overlays come in a small package that contains a two-step cleaning kit, as well as three flexible, clear overlays for the front and back of my iPod Classic. (Also available for the iTouch and the 4th gen Nano, iPhone, Zune, and other MP3 players) It takes just seconds to wipe off fingerprints and sticky spots with the "wet" towel - it looks like a tiny Handi Wipe and doesn't contain alcohol; the solution starts to evaporate quickly.Then I wipe down my iPod again with the "dry" towel. Clean. Applying the overlays takes some patience, but I was able to line it up correctly and get it on with one try.

Since I plan to keep my new iPod in it's case most of the time, I only used the front overlay, which covers everything on the face except for the click wheel. I chose not to use the overlay for the click wheel since my primary concern is the screen. Now that it's covered, I can wipe it off easily when I need to.

I like the options this kit gives me. I have the dry towelette stashed in my iPod drawer for future polishes. This product has a lifetime warranty.

Bottom Line: Thanks, Belkin for another wonderful, easy to use accessory for my favorite accessory!. This kit is the perfect gift for someone who has everything.--E.D. (July 09)

Price: 14.99, SALE: click for overlays for iPods and other MP3s

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