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Belkin Backup Battery Pack for iPod : Juice for your Travels

I simply cannot be on a plane, much less a plane that won't land for another 10 or 14 hours, without listening to music on my iPod for the duration of the flight.

My 3rd generation iPod has an internal battery that lasts eight hours, but unfortunately, not all planes provide plug-ins for recharging (for which you need a power converter like the APC Teleadapt Kit).

Thankfully, Belkin has solved my travel dilemma with the Backup Battery Pack for iPod. This white plastic case, which plugs into the iPod's dock connecter and attaches to the iPod with suction cups, keeps my tunes coming by powering my iPod for hours (as long as my AA supply lasts). The Backup Battery Pack runs on 4 AA batteries. (Note: the pack doesn't not recharge the iPod's internal battery.)

Bottom Line: With the Backup Battery Pack and a good supply of AA batteries, I can go off the grid and still have my tunes.-- E.D. (June '05)

Price: $59.99

Manufacturer's Site:

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