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All Year Gear Bikini Brief

I have a very active lifestyle, so I need my clothing to move with me. When I came across the performance four-way stretch bikini brief from a company called AYG (All Year Gear), I just had to try them. Underwear that could keep up with my activities sounded good to me!

The AYG bikini brief has a thin elastic waistband, fairly flat seams, and a cotton liner. The material is soft and lightweight, a polyester and lycra blend. The polyester is actually called Acclimate Dry Poly; it's quick-drying, it breathes, it wicks. And that's what makes this bikini brief ideal for my lifestyle.

After riding my horse, jogging, or skiing, I warm up quite a bit. The last thing I want is for my sweat to make my underwear feel damp. Regular cotton underwear feels great, but it's notorious for hanging onto moisture. Not good

The Acclimate polyester fabric is anti-microbial and odor-resistant. Bacteria-fighting underwear is a great idea whether I'm exercising or spending entire days on intercontinental flights. I like knowing that no matter what I do, my underwear is working overtime and I'll be comfortable all day.

Quick-drying underwear is also great for travel. I go to Europe several times a year, and I like to pack light. Rather than pack 18 pairs of underwear for each day of the trip, I'd rather bring a few "smart" pairs that I can wash in the sink and hang over the radiator to dry overnight.

The AYG bikini brief fits well and true to size. The four-way stretch feature is great, and I can actually tell that the AYG bikini brief moves with me, no matter what I was do. Gone are the days where I buy "basic" underwear. These days, they need to stretch with me and protect my skin from moisture, or they're just not worth it.

Bottom Line: I would definitely recommend the AYG four-way stretch bikini brief to anyone who has an active lifestyle and appreciates all-day comfort.--N.S. (May 2012)

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