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Asics Hera Glove : Performance Fit, Remarkable Warmth

The only downside of moving to a temperate climate from a place where the temps can drop to -30 F in the winter is a false sense of warmth. Because I won't die if I go for a walk on drizzly, cold Seattle days (as I could in frigid Minnesota), I often misjudge my gear needs. As a result, I've spent many years power walking and hiking with my hands in my pockets. Not anymore.

My Asics Hera Gloves are perfect for me in every way. Made out of a nylon/polyurethane laminate with a soft fleece underside, they feel soft against my skin. More important, they do an excellent job of keeping my hands dry. I've even held them under my kitchen faucet; water just beads and rolls off.

I think it's hard to find soft shell apparel and accessories that provide protection from the weatherand breath ability. I usually have to take off gloves after a certain amount of activity, but not when I wear my Heras. They're surprisingly breathable; I can actually feel airiness in my glove during my power walks.

Designed to fit a woman's hand, the Heras are trim and tapered and actually accommodate my long fingers. I love the box finger construction because it gives me a great fit and enough stretch to move my fingers without any binding. Another thoughtful detail on the fingers: the seam is on top of each finger, not at the tip, so no rubbing or chafing.

The Hera has an elastic band around the wrist and a two inch "cuff" of material that extends up the arm. I like this design because I get better coverage (I hate having a gap of exposed skin between my glove and jacket), and I can easily tuck in the sleeves of my workout top into the gloves. I also love the small loops on the end of each cufff that make hanging up my gloves or attaching them to the outside of my pack a breeze.

Probably the most useful feature is the "snot wipe," a terry cloth panel along the area between the thumb and first finger. Another thing about temperate climates, there's always a lot of pollen. So, my nose runs faster than I do. It's nice to have a way of dealing with this little problem instead of pulling out tissues every ten minutes.

Bottom LIne: I LOVE this GLOVE. The designers at Asics really did their homework on this one. It's an ideal glove for spring and fall (and for winter in the Northwest....Minnesotans might need to add a liner).--E.D. (April '06)

Price: $25

Manufacturer's Site:

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