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Altec Lansing XT2 Laptop Speakers : Good to Go

I'm used to a few office comforts, namely, my stereo system. So when I travel, I like to keep the volume turned up to 11.

I can do that with my new Altec Lansing XT2 laptop speakers. The sound is rich and clear, and easily fill a room. Admittedly, I use them for fun, but they'd be ideal for multi-media presentations. They even have a built-in microphone if I need to do some dictation or record my audio travel journal.

The XT2 speakers are totally adaptable. I can use batteries, run them off of my laptop battery (USB cable included), and I can plug in my speakers wherever I go because Altec includes five adapter plugs. At home, I've started using these speakers with my iPod instead of my stereo.

All of this gear comes in a hard-sided zippered carrying case. I just put it in my carry-on bag, and I'm good to go.

Bottom Line: These speakers rock! They sound great, the carrying case helps me keep everything organized and protected, and they're so easy to set up.--E .D. (April 07)

Price: $99.95

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