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Altec Lansing iM500 Speakers : Take the Party With You

Headphones are fine on airplanes, trains, and any other form of public transportation, but once I arrive at my destination, I need to hear my music as it was meant to be played -- loud and clear for all to hear.

That's why I don't travel without my Altec Lansing iM500 portable speaker system. It's about the size of a paperback book, but thinner, so it fits easily in my carry-on bag. Set-up is simple--I press a button on the front of the speaker to release the speaker stand, then plug in my iPod. The system is designed to hold an iPod Nano, but comes with an adapter cord so I can use either my full-size iPod or my iPod Shuffle.

The speaker comes with power cord, and can also operate on batteries. There's a power button, as well as volume adjustment.

For a small system, I think the Altec Lansing sounds great. It's not tinny or hollow, but has a rich enough sound that I can turn up the volume without distortion. The sound easily fills a 12 x 12 or larger room, and because it runs on batteries, I can use it anywhere--campsites, beach parties, hotel rooms--I want to have a party. Actually, I've found myself using it at home most of the time because I'm tired of my stereo components taking up so much space. My iM500 fits anywhere.

Bottom Line: A perfect travel companion....or a space-saving solution to your old stereo.--E.D. (March 07)

Price: $129.95

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