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Aladdin Clutch Water Bottle

I’m a big fan of stainless steel water bottles.  They’re durable and they don’t make my water taste funky like some plastic bottles do. Still, some stainless bottles can be clunky. Aladdin’s Clutch Water Bottle is a nice blend of strength and sweetness.

The stainless steel bottle is gently tapered at the middle, with a playful green leaf pattern printed on the side of the bottle. Both features, along with the matching green lid, give the bottle a warm, approachable style. 

The bottle holds 24 ounces, and is still slim enough to fit in the side pockets of my favorite tote and daypack (as well as in the cup holder in my car).  The lid has a hinged drinking spout; all I have to do is flip it up to drink, press it down to seal the bottle. 

I like the quick access design because it’s easier to use with one hand.  The best use of this bottle for me is when I’m driving or moving around.  So, I’m less likely to toss it into a pack or tote for a long trip unless I know it’ll remain somewhat upright. The bottle hasn’t leaked yet, but I wonder if the hinge might open on a bumpy ride. Still, most of the time, it’s the ideal bottle for me because I can open it, take a drink, and close it with one hand. 

(The bottle cap has a removeable plastic straw on the inside. I prefer using it without the straw; one less thing to clean.)

Available with green or blue lid, as well as in colored stainless.

Manufacturer recommends hand washing this item.

Bottom Line: Elegant and easy to use.--E.D. (June 2011)

BUY ONLINE : $14.95, click to shop.

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