Adidas Response Wind Pant : For Runners
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Adidas Response Wind Jacket and Track Pant : Warm-Ups that Put You in the Mood

I first tried out the Adidas Response Wind Jacket and Track Pants this winter at the local indoor track. After a quick mile warmup run my opinion was unequivocal—with their Response line, Adidas has made the perfect warmup outfit. Wearing the Response Jacket and Track Pant was akin to wearing warm, caressing air. The fabric is both light and comfortable and, despite a tailored look, maintains a feeling of looseness around my body. It’s hard to explain, but the Response Wind Jacket and Track Pants made me feel simultaneously calm and explosive—which is exactly the state of mind and body I want when I’m getting ready for a race or tough workout.

The Response Wind Jacket looks good—primarily light grey with charcoal and orange accents—and comes loaded with all sort of smart design features. The zippers—both the front szip and the two front pockets—are brilliant. Despite repeated efforts I simply could not get the zippers to grab fabric and ball up—quite an accomplishment with such light fabric. The majority of the jacket is constructed out of an extremely fine woven, almost silky fabric while each underarm—from halfway down the side to the underside of the elbow—is a more elastic and breathable fabric. This makes the jacket both airy and accommodating to even exaggerated upper body motion. The inside of the collar is a mesh fleece-like fabric which is both comfortable and functional. Maybe the feature I like best is a small one—the cuffs on each arm are loose yet tapered on the inside so that when I am running, the cuffs float at my wrists, below each palm, instead of creeping up over my hands.

The Response Track Pants (pictured, top right) are, for me, actually dangerous because I like them so much I literally wear them all the time. I even tried to wear them to a nice restaurant a few weeks ago had my wife not intervened. Suffice it to say, the pants just look great. They’re black with grey highlights, and fit me perfectly. They’re sewn with a real understanding of how to accent the lower body and allow for the full range of lower body movement. Like the jacket, the pants employ a more elastic mesh fabric in key areas to achieve breathability and maneuverability. They even have 12” zippers on the bottom outside of each leg that allow me to expand each pant leg a few more inches, creating a hip, bell-bottomy look. They come equipped with zippered front pockets, and, as with the jacket, all zippers function without incident. The pants are made with a somewhat more substantial fabric than the jacket, though they are still remarkably lightweight and, can you say “comfy?”

Bottom Line: The best warm-ups I’ve ever worn. Comfortable, stylish, smart, and built to last. You’re literally not going to want to take them off. Also ideal for cool weather training days.--D.C. (Feb 06)

Price: $80 jacket, $75 pants.

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