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Adidas Techfit Recovery Short Sleeve Tee : Slippery Fast

At first I wasn’t sure how to approach my Adidas Techfit Recovery Short Sleeve Tee. It’s the antithesis of the casual fit and look I usually go for in my athletic clothing. It’s form fitting and the only shirt I own with contrasting mesh panels and racy graphics. But the more I wore it, I came to appreciate it for what it is, a high performance exercise garment.

I’ve been wearing my Adidas Techfit Recovery Short Sleeve Tee as a base layer since it's still cold out, but recently, thanks to some warmer days, have been able to shed my outer layer and wear the Techfit Recovery Tee by itself. It's performed well in both cases.

As a base layer, the Adidas Techfit Recovery Short Sleeve Tee goes unnoticed, which is a good thing. The tight fit combined with the light fabric make it almost like a second skin. Outer layers slide right over it without bunching or riding up. It wicks moisture and stays dry. This is one of those cases when a garment going unnoticed is the best case scenario.

Any time I’m running, cycling, or cross-country skiing (i.e. moving forward when exercising) my front stays dry and my back gets sweaty and often cold. My Adidas Techfit Recovery Short Sleeve Tee fixes that because the back has a big mesh panel that lets any moisture evaporate nearly instantly. This is especially helpful in helping me avoid the back-freeze from putting a backpack on over a wet shirt at the end of a break.

As much as I appreciate the streamlined-slippery-fast feeling of this breathable tee, it’s unflattering on my non-ironman physique. However, I do really like the lightweight quick-drying Climacool fabric, synthetic material with mesh and channel ventilation. Fortunately, Adidas makes many garments out of Climacool, so there are options to suit any performance level and body type for both men and women. 

Men’s sizes S-3XL available in black and dark onyx.

Bottom Line: The Adidas Techfit Recovery Short Sleeve Tee is a body-hugging tee for high octane workouts. It's great at wicking and breathing, thanks to mesh panels. --A.S. (Feb 2012)

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